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Throw your next corporate party at Churchill Shooting Budapest!

Let’s be honest, these days it seems that every single company and firm have lost any sign of creativity and adventure when it comes to corporate events, and everyone is doing the same thing over and over again… year after year… Drinks and dinner at an all-you-can-eat restaurant… Bowling… God forbid another boring awkward group seminar!
Team bonding has become forced, uncomfortable and boring. So why not spice it up a bit?! Host your event somewhere different, somewhere unique, somewhere FUN (for a change). Host your event at Churchill Shooting Budapest!
There is nothing more thrilling and engaging than firing a gun, but in case you are still hesitating for some unknown reason, here are some of the few points why you should host your next corporate event with us:

Team Spirit

The sensational feeling your employees will get at our range is hard to duplicate, and such one of a kind experience will definitely boost team morale. Majority of people have never fired a gun in their life, and what can be more bonding than sharing your “first” together?


Your staff will learn gun handling and operating skills, get target practice and even compete in team-based challenges which will build comradeship, whilst also changing the world's perception about guns. Churchill Shooting Budapest is happy to rent our 4-lane indoor shooting range for a private party, whether it’s for the holidays or something else entirely.

Exceptional customer service

Our instructors are all ex-special forces operatives who speak both English and Hungarian, so you know at all times your staff are in a safe environment. Don’t be worried, they are not all that scary and are actually quite friendly! Our instructors can aide beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooters alike, so you don’t have to worry about someone feeling left out. Our goal is to change the perception about shooting one satisfied customer at a time, so you know we’ll do everything in our power to ensure it’s a fun and engaging experience for everyone, but more importantly safe enough for our clients to recommend it to others.

At Churchill Shooting, safety is our absolute top priority. You can rest assured that we have all the legally required licencing in place, all the necessary safety equipment installed, and even dedicated range safety officers on hand for each and every one of our private events.
All we need from you is an open mind, leave the rest to us. At Churchill Shooting Budapest we hold all our own weapons and ammunition meaning your staff just need to show up. Each of our 4 bays can hold two people at a time, so your team members can pair up and hold target practice competition. Or, if you’d like, we can help your more advanced shooters hone their skills with a variety of more difficult tactical challenges. We can even hold an all-out shooting competition to see who is the sniper in your team. There’s just something about shooting a gun that you can’t quite explain unless you try it out for yourself, we have yet to see a client with an open mind fire a weapon and not have a smile.

And there you go, your next corporate party sorted! Simply contact us to learn more about our availability and pricing for private events. Whether it’s a simple corporate outing, a holiday party, or even a fundraising event, we want to help make your corporate event the best, and most talked about at the water cooler, in your company’s history!

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