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Churchill Members


Churchill Membership (CM) is a closed group for individuals who share similar interests, founded with a shooting range CM has grown to have numerous partnerships across Hungary. owning a CM will not only bring numerous discounts but also a lot of networking opportunities. Your CM membership is designed to develop long-lasting relationships that deepen and evolve through our core values. 


A unique way to network and socialise, we host quartile events for members only and invite our collaborative partners to also attend. This breeds an opportunity for individuals to meet new contacts and fruitfully form their own network whether for business or pleasure. Churchill members will also gain access to our exclusive whisky and cigar room at our shooting range. A place where members can come and relax after a tough day at the office.


Professional individuals from all walks of life. Churchill Membership is not aimed at just one group, in fact, the opposite we have a diverse range of members from all walks of life which complements the networking opportunities. All we ask is our potential new members to complete the application form for approval, from there we will take the next steps.


The benefits list and is always growing, members will get exclusive discounted round prices and free access to use the range within our operating hours, Also they will be able to shoot during our members-only timings.

You may also bring one guest to each quarterly meeting and on that day share the benefits with your guest.

Monthly promotion email: Members will be sent an email each month with a free promotion from Churchill shooting along with any discounts or promotions from our partners. The retail price of these gifts will more than cover your annual membership fee. NOT TO BE MISSED!

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More to come...
If you want to be a member, please fill out the form below and we'll contact you.
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