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Pints and Panoramas: Budapest’s Top 3 Outdoor Spots for a Perfect Pint

Budapest is known for its vibrant outdoor drinking culture, offering fantastic spots to enjoy a pint. Here are the top three outdoor venues for a perfect pint experience in the Hungarian capital:

1. Kobuci Kert: A Garden Oasis

Located in Óbuda, Kobuci Kert is a lush beer garden with a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy local craft beers and Hungarian brews under large trees, often accompanied by live music and cultural events.

2. Fröccsterasz: Central and Chic

In Erzsébet Square, Fröccsterasz offers a lively setting perfect for people-watching. Known for its fröccs (wine spritzers) and great beer selection, this spot features live DJ sets and themed nights.

3. PONTOON: Riverside Relaxation

Next to the Chain Bridge on the Danube, PONTOON provides stunning views of Buda Castle. This relaxed, bohemian bar offers local and international beers, with live music adding to the riverside ambiance.

Enjoying a pint in Budapest is a delightful experience, whether in a tranquil garden, a bustling square, or by the picturesque Danube. Cheers!

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